Agency Profile – Wexley School for Girls

Wexley School for Girls Building

In the heart of the city famous for Starbucks and the space needle there’s a creative agency with rubber chickens in the windows and an indoor nine-hole miniature golf course that calls itself The Wexley School for Girls.

But it isn’t just the name that makes this agency stand out from the Ogilvy’s of the world. Wexley’s is an innovative place that likes to mix digital communication with more traditional advertising to create a complete media campaign. Their creative philosophy, aptly titled “The Wexley Way” is just one tool they use to encourage innovation and creativity in their clients’ advertising campaigns.

The success of Wexley’s is due, in part at least, to the past successes of the founding partners, Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister. These guys clearly don’t fit into the world of traditional advertising. Employing more humor than by-the-book processes, they’ve been known to go to great lengths to get a client’s business. They’ve pulled such stunts as sending a recruiter to college campuses in a hot tub and writing their own fight song to attract potential clients.

Speaking of clients, Wexley School for Girls has hosted some of the most influential brands in the business. Their client list includes American Red Cross, ESPN, Nike, MSN and Microsoft.

Most of Wexley’s employees don’t even consider what they do to be advertising. They are in the business of ideas. Their website calls what they do “362 degree introverted bipolar branding.” (We’re still trying to figure out exactly what that means) According to Wexley they are about “Essential marketing solutions in an essential marketing era. Real world creative solutions in a real world creative economy.” They even insist, “We build things here, with our minds.”

Though this might be true, their website still admits that they are in fact in the advertising business, stating, “In the true sense of the word “advertising,” we can act like an advertising agency. That said, we believe everything is advertising: traditional media, design, packaging, PR-generating ideas, video games, branded entertainment, short films, guerilla tactics and events, even squirrel races, done properly, can be advertising. Fact is, lots of our clients already have traditional advertising agencies.”

Which we think fits well into a world that is constantly changing and advertising that is constantly evolving. Traditional media is no longer at the forefront of this industry and Wexley’s has used that development to their advantage.

Here’s a sample of some of their work:

This is a print ad for Diadora America:
Print Ad for Diadora AmericaHere is an Internet game titled ‘Funk & Dunk” for T-Mobile’s NBA microsite:
Internet-Based Game for TMobile

And finally a guerilla campaign for MSN Music
Guerilla Campaign for MSN Music


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