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Crispin Porter + Bogusky is one of the better creative agencies in the world. Their goal as an agency is to change culture. They have succeeded with campaigns including The Burger King Subservient Chicken and the launch of the Mini Cooper in the US.

Crispin’s new work for Brammo includes a road trip from Detroit to Washington D.C. on a Brammo electric powerbike.

According to the website, “[their] plan is to retrace the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans. But instead of looking for aid, we’d like to present President Obama with a homegrown solution to the transportation crisis.”

This quirky public relations campaign includes asking townspeople along the route to share their homes, couches and food.

Last week, the Brammo team arrived in Washington DC. The website post said “[The trip is] about proving that the real America isn’t broken corporations dumping billions into a doomed enterprise. The real America is the same thing it’s been since the nation declared independence. Smart, resourceful and determined.”

From a purely marketing communication stance, this is an original way of marketing a brand with a limited budget. The more important element is the personal interaction between the brand and the public. The campaign became a collaboration of Brammo, CP+B and average Americans. What better way of creating brand awareness than actually striking up a conversation with your potential customers?

We hope fulfills the CP+B goal of changing culture. We will all be the better for it.

• Shocking Barack website
• Advertising Age


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