Volkswagen: The Fun Theory

We love ads. Our ad of the week blog will feature interesting creative work that we think is effective, creative, or just different. We believe these ads bring something new to the table. If you disagree, have an ad you like better or just have something to say, let us know.

That being said, here is our first ad of the week.

The Fun Theory – Volkswagen

Advertising Agency: DDB Stockholm

This may be the most fun anyone has ever had with trash and steps.

According to Adweek, “The Fun Theory” campaign is “an initiative to get people to change their lazy behaviors – and ultimately, how they feel about driving environmentally friendly cars – by allowing them to see the fun side of acting responsibly.”

The Fun Theory has a number of dimensions; most are ambient advertisements.

This experiment changes flight of stairs into working piano keys convincing consumers to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

This experiment uses a normal-looking trash can. When you throw something into the trash can, sound effects that suggest the trash had to fall for very way.

These installations are an interesting way of getting people’s attention and some PR buzz. Plus they advocate environmentalism.

Videos via

Update 11/19/09

Here’s a new installation of The Fun Theory campaign. It’s a bottle recycling bin that they made into an arcade game.


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