Augmented Reality: The Next Frontier?

Augmented Reality
The next big wave of digitally based advertising seems to be augmented reality ads.

According to, “augmented reality is one of the newest innovations in the electronics industry.  It superimposes graphics, audio and other sense enhancement from computer screens onto real time environments.”

Some augmented reality ads are utility-based, such as the Samsung LED TV Series 7 @ Home which functions to show a consumer how the LED TV would look on their wall, and some are just for fun. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Burger King
This augmented reality banner ad for Burger King from CPB allows users to view their value menu options by holding a dollar bill up to their webcam.  It also let users make their faces into the King after they’ve viewed the value menu.

Zugara, an interactive marketing and advertising agency based in Poland recently launched an augmented reality dressing room called Fashionista.  This application is now in use on the online shopping site  Shoppers simply print an augmented reality marker to help them get in the right position and then can see what they will look like in some of the site’s fashion options.  There is also the option to take a picture of and upload it to Facebook.

The augmented reality edition of Esquire magazine is a great way of interacting with a traditional medium.  In this video, David Granger explains and shows some of the components of the augmented reality issue.

Ads via Creativity Online


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