Agency Profile: THEY

Advertising agencies have never been lacking for their own unique culture. THEY in Amsterdam is no exception to this rule. Their website explains who exactly THEY are. “THEY come from journalism, advertising, research, graffiti, DJing, and professional football. Now THEY pool their collective talents to come up with surprising ways to communicate for brands.”

The agency client roster includes Vodafone, Reebok and Bacardi Nederland. According to Advertising Age, “[They also have] small-shop creative dexterity that can transform unlikely media into ad canvas and the brand-steward chops to win big pieces of global business.

One example, pictured below, is part of a campaign THEY did for CoffeeCompany. The ads encouraged students to put a slide about the CoffeeCompany in their class presentations and earn free coffee coupons.

THEY recently won Advertising Age’s International Agency of the Year and we think that THEY are an agency to watch.


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